Dorothy's Derby Chronicles and
Rise of the Undead Redhead-Book 1

Past roller derby superstar, Grandma Sally, catapults the hearse over a speed bump, careening into Dorothy's new middle school parking lot to the shrieks of Dorothy and her sister, Sam. That is just the beginning. Readers will skate through this wild roller derby ride, Dorothy's Derby Chronicles' Rise of the Undead Redhead. Roller derby inspires a strong will and individualistic attitide. Why not share that with young girls? Fun and bold writing and dynamic characters will place Dorothy's Derby Chronicles series on the hit list for female readers, 8-12, across the globe.   

How Roller Derby is Hitting Millions

As of today, roller derby is played by more than 1,200 amateur leagues on every inhabitable continent and in 37 countries, from Iceland to Japan. With upwards of 100 skaters on every league, that’s 120,000 people playing the sport.  If you estimate 1,200 leagues playing 10 bouts per year, averaging 2,000 people at each bout, that's 24 million fans. Those are the hard-hitting facts.   TV and Licensing Potential Galore.

In addition to a one-of-a-kind publishing opportunity, treatments for both animated and live-action television series concepts are available. With roller derby’s international resurgence, the licensing and retail potential is huge.  We have created 10 licensable T-shirts and products that we are ready to merchandise as the project builds. These different and uniquely funky and fashionable girls are ideal for licensing on all kinds of products.

The Creative Team

Meghan Dougherty

As a full-time PR consultant, with a husband and two little kids, Meghan was packing on the pounds – and the monotony. When a friend suggested she try out for the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, Meghan had no idea what she was getting into or the impact it would have upon her life. That was in 2007. Many of the girls on roller derby teams would not be “friends” if it wasn’t for this common bond. Meghan quickly realized what an incredible teacher roller derby is in tems of drive, commitment, and openness to different experiences and people. It is a s port that builds confidence in women like none other. Why not give that derby lesson to girls too through Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles. 

Alece Birnbach

Beginning as an art director and then owner of her own ad agency, Alece spent more than a decade creating award-winning campaigns based on targeted, strategic planning and branding. She now applies that expertise to her character development. Today, she has more than 100 images licensed on a wide variety of products, and her collections have sold at most major box stores and in boutique stores throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. For the past few years Alece has been immersed in the tween girl category. In fact, her lively, hip characters can be spotted riding their scooters on wall plaques in Walmart stores right now. 

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Karen Windness

Special thanks to our Story Editor, Karen Windness, who helped us make Dorothy's Derby Chronicles' Rise of the Undead Redhead extra strength.  Her creative writing skills are amazing. 

Karen is a valedictorian graduate from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and a coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (RMC-SCBWI). She has spent the last ten years writing and illustrating children’s books, as well as creating logos and pet portraits. Although she is a total klutz on skates, she has a black belt in TaeKwon-Do, and understands the rewards of pushing one’s physical limits… as well as the inherent beauty of a grapefruit-sized bruise. She lives in Colorado with her writer husband, Steve, and two young sons, Finley and Max.

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