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By the age of 10 most junior skaters are tired of Level 1 rules and are ready for the big hits.  At this age  girls are often bigger and tougher than boys and demand the right to play their own full contact sport. Just like the adults, the junior “punks” or “brats” practice all the strategies and like the “swoop” and “booty block.” Here Slugs and Hisses pack it up to dish derby, the moves, the workouts and all the derby little secrets.


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Yeah, what Undead said. The key to getting good fast is skating all the time. Wear your skates around the house, skate around the neighborhood on outdoor wheels, walk on your toe stops, get to where your skates feel like shoes. That’s where all the agility and juki-ness came from for me. Well, that and I can get away from my Mom as fast as possible. (Joke Mom!)

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About The Derby Dish

Hey there fellow rollergirls!  Jade, Alex, Gigi and I started this blog to hit you with everything you need to know to play roller derby. Whether can do perfect cross overs skating backwards and stick a double axel or if you’ve just put on skates for the first time, we’ll give you the low down on everything from working out, the gear, the strategies, the culture and even address the drama if you have any!  The very first thing you need to play derby is, you guessed it, roller skates.   Then you’ll need knee, elbow, wrist pads, a helmet and a mouth guard. Get your pads from a general sports place or Target, but get decent skate board equipment and helmet.  You can buy generic mouth guards, but the most comfy ones are fitted by a dentist.  Just to start check out the skates from the local skate rink or look for a derby retail place.  Just be sure the wheels spin well; you can also decide to get new bearings and wheels.  Ordering online from a derby skate place could run you $200 plus, but they’d be good quality.  Just get skating!

Slugs and Hisses,
Dorothy (aka: The Undead Redhead)

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