The Derby Dish-A meal served hard

By the age of 10 most junior skaters are tired of Level 1 rules and are ready for the big hits.  At this age  girls are often bigger and tougher than boys and demand the right to play their own full contact sport. Just like the adults, the junior “punks” or “brats” practice all the strategies and like the “swoop” and “booty block.” Here Slugs and Hisses pack it up to dish derby, the moves, the workouts and all the derby little secrets.

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If You're Hot. 

If it's hot and you're hot, but not in a good way, consider drinking more refreshing water.  Roller derby is hard exercise, and it's easy to get dehydrated, especially if the temps are inching up. Experts say you don't need water if you are exercising for under an hour, but, let's face it, roller derby is not your average exercise.  Also, if you work out an hour or less, plain old water is great.  If you are exercising over an hour, you can consider Gatorade or the other electrolyte replacing bevies. In fact, you should be drinking 64 ounces of water, even without exercise.  I keep an environmentally friendly bottle (that Gigi gave me cuz she knows my deal) with me at all times. Gross as it is, if your pee is dark yellow or brown, you need water, baby. Just sayin.  Don’t I sound smart?  


Skate Outside.

The weather is hot, and summer is a perfect time to get more skating agility by skating outside.  You'd be amazed at how much not dying in the street can help you become a better skater.  Avoiding obstacles like cars, trees, small children and dogs can really bump up your ability to juke hits and jump away from blocks.  Buy decent outdoor wheels so you don't gum up your indoor wheels and bearings and take it to the streets. 


Cross Training.

Roller derby involves skating left, in a circle, over and over and over again.  That means over time you'll get unbalanced, and not in a good way.  One thigh and one side of your back is going to be strengthened more than the other. It's important to cross train to make sure you don't wonk out your back and stuff.  I recommend skating the opposite direction when possible (trust me, it's wierd!) and running, biking, swimming, doing yoga, dancing, or whatever you like to add some cross training.  It will help you not look like a lopsided fool!