From left: Jade, Dorothy, Alex and Gigi

Dorothy's Derby Chronicles series' Book 1- Rise of the Undead Redhead - is fast, funny and action-packed, with strong graphic novel elements. It's the first roller derby book for tweens and hard-hitting fun.

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Derby Baby is coming to Denver June 16

Derby Baby is a story of love, addiction and rink rash. If you've attended a women's roller bout in the sport's post-modern incarnation, you've seen the love, the pure addiction that drives tens of thousands of women around the globe to don fishnets, pseudonyms, and the privilege of kicking each other's butts. Emmy-winning filmmakers Robin Bond and Dave Wruck take you along on their quest to learn why women's flat track roller derby is the most controversial and fastest growing sport in the world. It will be showing in Denver on Saturday, June 16, 2012, at the Denver Film Center on Colfax at 2:30 p.m.


New T-Shirt Designs at Wicked Skatewear!

Did you know that you could own one of the very cool illustrations from our new book, Rise of the Undead Redhead?  It's the first in the Dorothy's Derby Chronicles series that will rock your sox off. Wicked Skatewear sells our DDC T-shirts, and we're adding more designs this month.  You could have the whole set!  


Melee Killums next featured Junior Star of the Month

Melee Killums, 14, is a hard-hitting roller girl with the Cleveland Firestarters Junior Roller Derby League.  She started playing in April 2010 and has become a fierce competitor, jamming, blocking and pivoting for her league.  She will be featured as our next junior star of the month.  Come back later this week and check her out!


Alece Birnbach Featured on Ari Speaks

Alece dishes with Ari Speaks about success, illustrating, art and Dorothy's Derby Chronicles.  She's got Girl Power like nobody.


March 24 Open Enrollment for Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks

Think you have what it takes to be a junior roller derby athlete?  If so you better get those skates and get practicing now. Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks is hosting its annual open enrollment March 24, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  If turnout is large they may not be able to take everyone so you better get practicing. Here's the info.