From left: Jade, Dorothy, Alex and Gigi

Dorothy's Derby Chronicles series' Book 1- Rise of the Undead Redhead - is fast, funny and action-packed, with strong graphic novel elements. It's the first roller derby book for tweens and hard-hitting fun.

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End of 2011 Roller Derby Update

  • Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles is getting an editing makeover that's going to be AWESOME!
  • Team USA won the World Roller Derby World Cup.
  • As of December, there are around 1,125 leagues nationally and internationally that include women, men, junior, coed, flat track, banked track.
  • Gotham Girls Roller Derby took first place in the national championships.
  • A documentary called "Derby Baby" has been delayed to Spring.

Do you know the Rules of Roller Derby?

Seems there’s a lot of people who love roller derby, but have no idea what the rules are.  We are here to help.  Check out the rules here, Junior rules are essentially the same, except there are three levels and the younger skaters only use positional blocking, so no all out hitting.


Roller Derby is Taking Over the World!

There’s a run on fishnets so you better get yours fast. According to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association ( "Roller derby’s unique amateur sports model has fostered an explosion in the sport’s global popularity. Currently there are more than 700 leagues across 25 countries around the world, up from 400 in 11 countries just one year ago." And the junior leagues are growing just as fast, from Saskatoon to Singapore.



Did you hear the Wii roller derby game is out? Jam City Rollergirls is came out January 24, 2011, and it’s jammin.  Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ own Dump Truck is the voiceover.  And only costs 1,000 Nintendo points; that’s like $10. You can just plus your Wii into the internet and download the game and 30 real skaters for you to command.  Yeah, baby.


Meghan chats up the Mom Advocate on Real Mom TV

Top Mom online TV program, Real Mom TV, with thousands logging in every week to get advice from Mom Advocate, Annie Foonberg, hosted Meghan recently, where they talked about Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles and the sport of roller derby. Meghan spent a half hour live with Annie talking about the book and how Meghan balances life, work, family and roller derby while promoting DDC.  Good stuff.