Junior Star of the Month

The thousands of junior roller derby league skaters across the globe are the future of the sport of roller derby. They are tough, fierce and independent.  Junior skaters work hard and are committed to becoming the very best derby players they can be.  Check out the starts of the junior sport of roller derby and send us any star skaters you think should be profiled!


Jester Says Coaching Derby is No Laughing Matter

Jester with her Mom, Smartass Skater: Jester #1-2-3

League/Team:   Coach, Cherry Bomb Brawlers, Spokane, WA and skater, Spokannibals

Age: 20 – Junior at Eastern Washington University

Favorite Candy:  It’s a secret 

Favorite Music: It's underground

Favorite Book: Only time for school books and training manuals now!

Making time to play roller derby is hard enough, especially if you’re in college.  Coaching a roller derby team takes even more time, considering the training and drill preparation, uniforms, game scheduling and all around mentoring responsibility. This month we are profiling a past junior star who has dedicated her time and energy to help new young roller derby talent evolve--going from junior player to senior skater and junior coach. 

After playing roller derby as a junior skater for two years, Jester found herself helping with coaching when her coach had family obligations pop up.  That’s when she found her true passion for the sport.  Jester went on to coach a local junior roller derby team, the Lilac City Pixies, with her Mom, Smartass, for a time before starting a junior league on her own. 

Playing and coaching roller derby is hard enough, but starting league is even that much more difficult.  Yet today Jester coaches 25 skaters on the Cherry Bomb Brawlers, while also attending college full time and skating for the Spokannibals, a senior league.  Jester says that even though it’s a lot of work, she can’t imagine doing anything differently.  Every minute is worth it.

Before Jester started playing roller derby she was shy and her confidence was a little low.  She was concerned about what others thought of her.  Once she started playing roller derby it took away her inhibitions and replaced them with confidence and a sense of purpose.  She considers herself to be more athletic and sure of who she is on the inside.  She says derby is the best thing that ever happened to her.

She sees the changes her own skaters have gone through as well.  Skaters who joined her league with attitude and confidence issues today are more compassionate, have more focus, and demonstrate what it means to be part of a team, both on the track and in school. A co-ed league, she saw one of the biggest changes in one of her male skaters, Weeble K’Nevil.  Once so shy and quiet, today she says he laughs constantly and laughs it up at practice on a regular basis.

Jester says becoming a junior roller derby coach, no matter how hard it is as a busy college student, is probably the best decision she’s ever made.  That’s because every day she gets to see her skaters, and her day becomes absolutely perfect.


Hell Kat Shines at the Glitterdome

League/Team: Denver Roller Dolls Glitterdome Gladiators

Age: 13

Favorite Candy: Chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Gummy Worms.

Favorite Music: Rock, Indy and LOVEs 80s music

Favorite Book:   Crank and You Remind Me of You

Hell Kat calls herself “Dangerously curvy,” which can be a real asset in roller derby.

She attended her first roller derby bout as part of her 12th birthday party and was instantly hooked.  Because of that one experience she decided to try out for the junior team of the Denver Roller Dolls.  Today she is a blocker with a rush for derby adrenaline.

Beyond just more fit and healthy, Hell Kat says that roller derby has made her more outgoing.  She has more friends, even better, more self-confidence.

More than just the adrenaline, Hell Kat loves the anticipation she feels during a bout.


Skate of Emergency Jams It Up

League/Team: Toronto Junior Roller Derby, #808   

Age: 16 

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Music: Everything from old-school to house music,
reggae and top 40’s

Favorite Book: Any books with love and drama


Skate of Emergency says that roller derby has changed her life 100 % for the better.  

As a jam skater before derby, Yellow Helmet (as her friends call her) was very content to stick with what she knew.  She hung out with the kids she grew up with and focused on herself and improving at jam skating.  By joining roller derby she went from being a bit of an independent loner to a full-fledged team player. 

She grew as a different kind of skater, made new friends and now considers herself to be open and ready to learn new things. Being part of a team has helped her improve. “It isn’t all about me anymore,” she told us. 

Since playing roller derby Skate of Emergency has a whole new outlook.  She cares less about what people think of her and more about what she thinks.  As long as she likes her look it’s all that matters to her now. 

Some of Skate’s new outlook comes from some recent health issues.  She’s being tested for a potential heart problem and often has to miss practice.  She realizes anything can happen so she is going to play and do her best for as long as she can.

She thinks roller derby girls are different from girls in other sports because of how accepting and non-judgmental roller derby girls are.  Everyone allows you to be yourself no matter how silly or crazy that might be. 

As both a jammer and a blocker, Skate’s favorite part of the game is right before the whistle blows when anticipation is at its highest.  “Then TWEET!”





Skater: Monkey Mess 8 oz

Seen here getting a whip from teammate Buster Butt

League/Team:  LA Derby Dolls Jr. Bank Track, Mini Riettes/San Fernando Valley Fast Times 

Age: 10  

Favorite Candy:  Anything sour 

Favorite Music:  Pop music

Favorite Book: Hunger Games


This photo says it all.  Monkey Mess’ secret weapon is her size. She’s so small other skaters are afraid to hit her. 

Both a blocker and jammer, Monkey Mess says roller derby has made her tough and athletic.  Starting when she was 8, Monkey skates both on a junior flat track and banked track league on the travel teams.  She credits roller derby for allowing her to experience new places.  In fact, she flew on her first airplane thanks to roller derby when she skated at the Battle on the Bank V in Seattle.

Monkey is small and scrappy and has become more assertive and outgoing thanks to the sport. She loves jamming, and when she’s not skating she listens to music and plays.  Her Mom, Pretty Mess, #32oz, skates with the LA Derby Dolls senior team and was the inspiration for her name.   

Roller derby is the only sport Monkey has ever played, but if she decides to retire, you might find her on the hockey rink.  That’s the next sport she’d like to try.


Bubble Vicious Bites Back

League/Team: Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks/5280 Might Club
Age: 16 (10th grade)
Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish
Favorite Music: Retro punk-
The Dead Milkmen, Ramones, Sex Pistols
Favorite Book: Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat

After one year of skating as a member of the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks (junior roller derby league of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls) travel team—5280 Might Club, Bubble Vicious has been bitten by roller derby.

“In a lot of ways roller derby has become my life,” said Vicious. “Practice is what I look forward to all week, I get in extra practice time whenever I can, and I’m constantly going to games,” says Vicious, as she’s called by her teammates.

More than just goals to work towards and something to look forward to, Bubble Vicious believes that roller derby has made her a stronger, more courageous, and determined person.  In fact, she even goes so far to say she never really liked sports until she played roller derby.

“Until I discovered (roller) derby, I thought I might never really play sports. The only thing that’s come close is I’ve done yoga most of my life,” she added.

More than finding a sport she loves, since playing roller derby Bubble Vicious feels changed. “I think since I’ve been playing derby my looks have changed a bit, because I’ve become more physical,” she said.  “I’ve definitely started acting different. I’m a lot more determined, work extra hard towards my goals and am a lot less likely to give up.”

After a non related injury, a broken hip that took her out of roller derby for four months, Vicious considered quitting. “Instead of giving up like I may have in the past, I worked as hard as I could to make up for the time I lost,” said Vicious.
That effort has paid off for Bubble Vicious as she is a jammer and blocker on the “A” team of the 5280 Might Club, which includes skaters (all girls), aged 12-17.

Like most sports, Bubble Vicious embodies the satisfaction that every athlete gets from working hard, playing well and succeeding as a team.  Because when you are in the moment of your game, you not only lose yourself, but there are no worries about any life stresses off the track.
“At the end of the game, whether you’ve won or lost, if you’ve put your heart into the game you feel amazing,” finished Vicious.