Alece Birnbach Featured on Ari Speaks

Alece dishes with Ari Speaks about success, illustrating, art and Dorothy's Derby Chronicles.  She's got Girl Power like nobody.


Meghan chats up the Mom Advocate on Real Mom TV

Top Mom online TV program, Real Mom TV, with thousands logging in every week to get advice from Mom Advocate, Annie Foonberg, hosted Meghan recently, where they talked about Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles and the sport of roller derby. Meghan spent a half hour live with Annie talking about the book and how Meghan balances life, work, family and roller derby while promoting DDC.  Good stuff.


Dorothy's Derby Chronicles in the Denver Post

See related tv segment.

Alece Birnbach (left) and Meghan Dougherty read the first chapter of their book to St. Mary's Academy on 4/28/10.


Dougherty: Playing and writing about roller derby

Denver Business Journal, Friday, October 30, 2009. Meghan Dougherty can punch out a press release. Or your face, if necessary. The public relations pro (Dougherty Relations) not only is a member of the Sugar Kill Gang of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls roller derby league, but also is publishing a fictional book about the sport. It’s titled “The Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles,” about one girl’s quest to start her own junior league. It’s aimed at tweens, those ages 9-14, who “follow the story about Dorothy’s personal blog where she vigorously chats about her crushes, new friends and love of roller derby,” sayeth the news release.

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DENVER—October 7, 2009—Wrist guards. Check. Knee Pads. Check. Braces. Double Check. Roller derby is not just for grown-ups anymore. With more than 200 adult leagues, 16 junior roller derby leagues and Drew Barrymore’s “WhipIt!” re-energizing the sport across the country, real derby girl, Meghan Dougherty, and popular illustrator, Alece Birnbach are rolling out The Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles, This new fictional book series follows one girl’s quest to start her own junior roller derby league.

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