Ten Times the Fun!

Our goal is to inspire young women for as long as the market demands it. The fun continues well beyond Rise of the Undead Redhead. With books two and three already in development, our first 10 titles are listed below:

Book 1: Rise of the Undead Redhead

Book 2: Woe of Jade Doe

Book 3: Booty Vicious Bites Back

Book 4: The Alexorcism Begins

Book 5: Tag Em and Bag Em Lays One Out

Book 6: Juana SmackHer Hits Back

Book 7: Geekzilla Goes on a Rampage

Book 8: Rolling Thunder's Perfect Storm

Book 9: Max Voltage Strikes Again

Book 10: Annie Conda's Deadly Embrace


Roll Into What's Around the Corner for Books 2 and 3!

Book 2 - The Woe of Jade Doe

The Jam

Roller derby is banned at the rec center, and it goes up for sale.  Jade’s Mom is the realtor.  The team must figure out how to find funds to save the rec center before Uncle Enzo and his ex-mafia pals do something desperate. Alex’s parents, their talented friends and the team rally the community and throw a fundraiser to save the day. 

How it Rolls Out

The story opens at the end of Slugs & Hisses championship bout in Book 1 – Rise of the Undead Redhead—with the collapse of the ceiling.  The team spends weeks at the rec center trying to fix the building, but more strange disruptions occur.  The pancake feed fundraiser ends up in a food fight and all other attempts fail to raise money fail.  The team is shocked when they learn Jade’s Mom is going to help sell the building and surrounding land.  Max’s Uncle Enzo agrees, but whispers of plans to destroy the building for insurance start to spread, and his ex-mafia pals start hanging around.  At the 11th hour, Alex’s parents step in and host a show that raises enough money to save the center, with a surprising performer in Jade’s Mom. At the show it is revealed that Jade’s Mom has been propagating the ghost story and other problems so she can sell it because the family is hurting. Meanwhile, on the track, things heat up between Dorothy and Max, where they argue as skaters but flirt as friends. Alex makes a surprise addition to the team, Sam becomes head coach, and the team is talked into skating in a roller derby tournament with the team that they replaced in the championship from Book 1.   


Book 3 - Booty Vicious Bites Back 

The Jam

Dorothy’s Mom has moved back to town and the team is falling apart, just like the interior of the rec center.  Gigi has been coming to practice with scratches and bruises.  Slugs & Hisses pays a surprise visit to Gigi’s to find her family has been keeping exotic animals.  They help create an animal reserve and petting zoo on the rec center property and raise enough money to make improvements.  Sam starts skating and takes over as lead jammer, which is causing problems with Jade.  Priscilla and a couple of the Pompoms create their own derby team and want to bout.

How it Rolls Out

The money made at the final fundraiser in Book 2 – Woe of Jade Doe—is not enough to save and rebuild the rec center on the inside. The team can practice there, but everything is falling apart. The team has lost their drive, is missing practices and losing bouts. Gigi has been berating the team about getting to practice and is spending more and more time at the rec center.  When there is practice, her team mates see bites and bruises, and they are worried. Dorothy is concerned, but is distracted by her Mom, who has moved back to town.  There is talk of disbanding the team. Dorothy calls a team meeting, but Gigi is not present. They decide to make a surprise visit to Gigi’s house. Gigi’s Dad and brother have been keeping exotic and dangerous animals like a Python, a Hawk, monkeys, and a wild cat – at the house, and Gigi spends her time at home taking care of the animals and protecting the family cat, Marley.  Uncle Enzo’s friends suggest very persuasively that they donate the animals to a Reserve and a petting zoo that that can be created on a portion of the rec center land.  In the end, there is a grand re-opening. Meanwhile, Sam starts skating and takes over as the best jammer, causing friction. The team competes against the Pompoms and get beaten badly, because they have a ringer—Priscilla, an old friend of Alex’s.

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