The Starting Lineup...

Dorothy Moore – aka Undead Redhead

Dorothy is the fiery ring leader of this lively band of misfits, but she doesn’t even know it. A redheaded ball of enthusiastic contradictions, Dorothy is lucky to make it through a day without planting a foot in her mouth or into a hole. It takes one off-her-rocker Grandma Sally–ex roller derby superstar–a flaming hearse and new friends with a penchant for funeral homes and roller skates to show Dorothy her leadership potential. The Slugs & Hisses team block and roll through a riveting adventure that takes them to the championships.   

Jade Song – Mizirova aka Jade Doe

A Goth-in-training, Jade dons fake tattoos and faux pink hair every morning and removes them every afternoon. A soft-spoken force, dressed in black and combat boots with silky swooping hair, Jade is the girl Ninja who protects the meek at school.


Gigi Johnston – aka Booty Viciouos

Gigi Johnston is loud and mouthy and fully embodies exactly who she is and who she is meant to be, and she’ll let you know it. With wild, brown hair teased into a powerful afro, Gigi dances to her own rhythms, usually Reggae.

Alexandra (Alex) Bijou – aka The Alexorcist

Alex is the perceived ring leader of the Pompoms, the mean and misguided cheerleaders who cheer for causes like the “Save the Forest Bonfire” and other bogus earthy causes. She hides behind the Pompoms who worship her in hopes to hide her desperate and dark secret–her two pageant-mad Dads and her competitive roller dance skating pastime.

Max Marino – aka Max Voltage

Max is Dorothy’s major crush. He is the epitome of super cool, which means he’s genuinely nice, adores Dorothy’s Grandma Sally and is totally cute.



Grandma Sally - aka Shotgun Sally

A leopard print purse, pink spiky hair, stilettos and a skull ring–Grandma is every young girl’s nightmare and the person every senior woman wishes she could dare to be. A retired mortician who drives a hearse and changes costumes as often as her lipstick, Grandma Sally has no apologies for who she is.

Sister Sam

A fanatic of roller derby and embracing her new life with Grandma Sally, Sam and Dorothy are as tight as two sisters can be. They protect each other and build a shared passion for roller derby.  Sam has a frenetic buzz that dwarfs the energy of those around her and is a natural roller skater.  She misses her Mom desperately, but is making the best of her time with Grandma.